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Quicklock cable protection pipe

Snap Quicklock™

Snap Quicklock™ is our most affordable cable protection pipe. It’s 1,2 m long and can be angled up to 22,5ᵒ per meter.

Snap Hardlock cable protection pipe

Snap Hardlock

Snap Hardlock™ is our bestseller and has been produced since 2001. It’s 1,0 m long and can be angled up to 15ᵒ per meter.

Snap Panzar cable protection pipe. Submarine cable protection.

Snap Panzar

Snap Panzar is our most robost pipe, developed for extreme conditions. It’s 1,0 m long and can be angles up to 7ᵒ per meter.


The leading system of split pipe cable protection

Behind Snap Split Pipes™ stands Greenpipe of Sweden AB, which was founded in 2001 and is an innovation-driven family business in second generation. We are constantly developing new products with a focus on solving the industry’s challenges. At the same time, we work to make it easier for fitters and project managers, especially in terms of work environment and quality. From day one, our focus has been to be at the forefront when it comes to making as little impact on the environment as possible. From the start of production, we have consistently manufactured our products entirely out of recycled plastic.

Our range
Snap Split Pipes™ is a wide range of split pipe cable protection in recycled plastic. All products are designed to promote the installation, save the installer inconvenient installations and contribute to a greener environment. Simple and quick installation without the need for tools leads to low costs. An innovative design and a well-developed locking system provide secure and reliable protection.

Snap Split Pipes™ is a reliable cable protection system that will protect its content to 100%, making sure that the cables inside are always protected, just like it’s supposed to be. 
Tested according to ISO 9969:2016 and EN 61386-24. Produced in Sweden of 100% recyceled plastic, PP.

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Greenpipe of Sweden AB

Storgatan 82B
SE-352 46 Vaxjo, Sweden

Telephone: +46 470 120 10

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Corporate id no: 556694-6108
VAT reg. no SE556694610801
IBAN: SE3580000816950376796124