Snap Split Pipes™ are widely used thanks to its design and quality. Here are some examples from different projects, please let us know if you should need further documentation in a specific area, contact us here.

Read more about possible area of use and applications at the Area of use page and more about our different products at the product page. 

› 25000 m Snap Hardlock™ at a nuclear site in France. Purchaser EDF. Snap Multibox™ was used to create 90 degrees bends.

› 19000 m Snap Hardlock™ at a railway project in the Netherlands, rebuild of a platform. Purchaser Prorail.

› 3200 m Snap Panzar™ at an electrical distribution project in Sweden. Purchaser E.on, contractor Vattenfall Service AB.

› 4500 m Snap Hardlock and Snap Panzar at a wind park in the north of Sweden. Purchaser OX2, contractor One Nordic AB.

This video is from a railway construction project in Sweden. Contractor was Strukton Rail.

Snap Hardlock™ railway 19000 m

Snap Hardlock™ in stones and gravel

Snap Hardlock™ protecting optical fibre at shallow harsh environment

Snap Hardlock™ at nuclear site

Snap Hardlock™ at railway bridge

Snap Panzar™ protecting submarine cable

Snap Hardlock™ protecting cables for electrical distribution

Snap Hardlock™ 110 railway temporary cables

Snap Hardlock™ line lift with excavator

Snap Hardlock™ in different ø at railway in the Netherlands.

Snap Hardlock™ connecting to substation

Snap Hardlock™ protecting cables at international military base

Snap Panzar™ protects submarine cable in the Swedish archipelago

At a submarine cable project to electrify a small island with cabins in south of Sweden, One Nordic AB protected the cable using Snap Panzar™ 110. The installation was made smoothly from a flat boat. The cable protection pipes where used the whole distance because of the shallow lake, protecting the cable from anchors and fishing. Watch the video from the installation below.

Ikonett AB is a consulting company specialised in cable ducting. We like and recommend the overall concept that Snap Split Pipes™ is. We prescribe different sort of quality levels in our projects for our customers. Since Snap Split Pipe has a multibox and connectors
there’s no weak link in the chain. The one who mounts the cable protection finds it both
easy to assemble the split pipes and understand the design.

– Kristian Dahlin

CEO/Consultant, Ikonett AB

Using recycled plastic material in E.ON’s electricity grid is a natural consequence of our quest to reduce our  environmental impact for future generations. So that is why E.ON is positive about using these products.

– Peter Ipsen

Specialist, E.ON, Energidistribution AB

During a project within electrical distribution thru long and though passages an extra cable protection for the high voltage cable was needed. Our possibilities that matched the requirements where limited. Thanks to Greenpipe’s great personal engagement, competence and environmental awareness the chose of product was Snap Panzar.

– Jimmy Svensson

Project manager, Vattenfall Service Nordic AB

Greenpipe are really easy to work with. The deliveries are always on time and their split pipes are appreciated by our customers.

– Mikus Salcēvičs & Māris Melderis

Product group manager & Head of export department, Evopipes SIA

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