Subsea cable protection

Submarine cables is a broad concept, often talked about as submarine communication cable and submarine power cable. It is laid on the bottom of the ocean or lake, often with multiple landing points. Between almost every country with a cost line there are submarine cable networks to ensure high functional electrical distribution and data communication across the continents.

Do you protect your subsea cable?

The submarine cable protection, Snap Panzar™, is a split pipe cable protection developed in close cooperation with divers and entrepreneurs to be used in rough and extreme conditions. Example applications where Snap Panzar™ being used; protect entire or part of distances extra vulnerable for the cable, shore-end installations, cable crossings, shallow waters, stony seabed, already active cables, muddy seabed and as a repair pipe.

Snap Panzar™ cable protection

  • Secure and durable protection
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Versatile
  • Compatible weights
  • Made out of 100% recycled plastic. PP-EPDM.
  • Reusable

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Easy installation

Snap Panzar™ simplifies installation of subsea cable protection. Thanks to its innovative design the pipes can be installed quickly, both in subsea applications as well as above water. Our own weights, Snap Weights™, can be mounted in several ways and the construction will make it possible to bolt Snap Panzar™ to rocks/mountains. It’s 1,0 m long and can be angled up to 7 degrees per meter. 

Since Snap Panzar™ is light weight and has a smooth connecting system in each pipe end, it is fast and easily installed, no welding or tools needed, whether installation is made from a boat or by a diver at the seabed. Installation of the split pipe is said to be so easy for the divers that it is possible to carry out even with minimum visibility. 

Snap Panzar installed from a small boat.

Reliable submarine cable protection

Snap Panzar™ is a reliable protection at all times, leaving no gaps or exposed areas. The idea of Snap Panzar™ is to be an all-around subsea cable protection making it useful in many areas. Such as a complement or completely replacing some of the other methods used today. Since it is divisible, it is easily installed on already active or laid cables. Possible applications such as shallow installations, part of cable extra vulnerable or entire distance when needed. Furthermore, it’s often used inshore, at stony seabed, shore-end installations, cable crossings and as repair pipe.

Snap Panzar protecting a cable from a stone at the bottom of the sea.

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At a submarine cable project to electrify a small island with cabins in south of Sweden, One Nordic AB protected the cable using Snap Panzar™ 110. The installation was made smoothly from a flat boat. The cable protection pipes where used the whole distance because of the shallow lake, protecting the cable from anchors and fishing. Watch the video from the installation below.

Snap Panzar™ is designed to be able to bolt directly to a rock surface or attache the Snap Weight™, demonstrated in these videos below from a project in Norway.


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