Snap Panzar is a robust split pipe cable protection. Often used for submarine cables.
Snap Panzar is a robust split pipe cable protection made out of PP. Available in diameters from 70-160 mm.
Snap Panzar protecting active cables in a river.
Snap Panzar protecting priority cables in a city.

Snap Panzar – the most robust split pipe

Snap Panzar™ is our toughest and most robust split pipe cable protection. Often used when the
purchaser demands a product of very high quality. Snap Panzar™ is often used instead of other plastic pipes with large thickness or pipes in other materials. Completely replaces or gives an extra protection when reinforces cables are used.

Snap Panzar™ was developed in close cooperation with submarine cable entrepreneurs and divers to be used in extreme conditions. Our own weights, Snap Weight™, can be mounted in several ways and the construction will make it possible to fasten Snap Panzar™ in rocks/mountains.

Snap Panzar™ is made from the same high quality recycled plastic material as our Snap Hardlock™. Thanks to its innovative design the pipes can be installed quickly, both in subsea applications as well as above water. Snap Panzar™ will not slip apart thus keeping the cables 100% protected at all times. Snap Panzar™ can be angled 7° per meter which will make the installation easy.

The Snap Panzar™ system is produced as a complement to Snap Hardlock™. Used when the highest quality of split pipe is requested. Using Snap Panzar™ is often a great saving when the alternatives, as risk of outage, could be very expansive and devastating. Chose Snap Panzar™ when there can be no wrongs!

Why we designed Snap Panzar™

Snap Panzar™ was designed to protect cables in vulnerable situations, for example in marine environments.
Our customers were satisfied with Snap Hardlock™ but still requested an even more robust solution for safety reasons. Snap Panzar™ is developed to help customers protect cables at locations where there can be no errors. 

  • Secure and durable protection
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Versatile
  • Compatible weights
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Reusable



Outer diameter (mm)




Inner diameter (mm)




Length (cm)




Weight (kg)




Savings in oil & Co2-eq

2 L/8 Kg

6 L/10 Kg

11 L/17 Kg

Pcs per pallet




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