Snap Hardlock. PP cable protection conduit.
Snap Hardlock. PP cable protection conduit in diameters from 60-220 mm.
Snap Hardlock protecting active cables in Holland.
Snap Hardlock. PP cable protection conduit used along railway.

Snap Hardlock™ – quality cable protection

Snap Hardlock™ is our original split pipe cable protection which has been produces for 20 years. Often used when purchasers demands quality split pipes cable protection. Because of the integrated connection system the product ensures quick and convenient connection without any tools and it easily connects to corrugated cable conduits. Snap Hardlock™ is 1 m long and can be angled up to 15ᵒ per piece.

The Snap Hardlock™ cable protection is produced in diameters from 60-220 mm, including molded sleeve and three pre-mounted locking clamps in desired color. The divisible pull-resistant sleeve provides an ideal connection to ensure that the entire line remains fully protected, even over long distances.

Snap Hardlock™ is produced out of recycled plastic from discharged car bumpers in the automotive industry which has the exact qualities that we are looking for, UV- & cold resistance and shockproof. Tests shows an UV-light protection that will last at least 8-10 years (in Scandinavian climate). The thermal lifetime estimation in tests was at least 50 years (at normal Scandinavian climate). Therefore, it’s also reusable. Calculate the environmental impact savings in our “Enviroment calculator”.

Snap Hardlock™ is also tested for polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) according to EU 1272/2013. None of the 8 PAHs could be detected in our material.

To maintain the best quality Snap Hardlock™ is also continusly tested according to ISO 9969-2016, EN-61386-24 & SPF Verksnorm 5200.

Why we designed Snap Hardlock™

 The idea behind the Snap Hardlock™ system came from electrical engineer Lars-Göran Svensson, founder of and product developer at Greenpipe of Sweden. When his colleagues at E.on Sweden was disappointed at the extruding HDPE pipes the idea of Snap Hardlock™ was born. He heard that the HDPE pipes were impossible to push together and difficult to install, a desktop product that didn’t work in real life.

The basic idea was that three things needed to improve:

  • Safety and quality, the pipes need to protect the content to 100%.
  • Installation, the pipes should be able to be installed quickly without any tools and without the
    need of duct tape and other emergency solutions.
  • Environment and sustainability, the pipes should be produced from high quality recycled plastic
    to contribute to a more sustainable construction.

As simple as that the Snap Hardlock™ has become our bestseller, sold in millions, since the purchasers demands good quality at a fair price.


• Protects the content to 100%

• Fast and simple installation without any tools needed

• Protects important cables in exposed environments

• Made from 100% high quality recycled plastic

• Reuseable


Outer diameter (mm)





Inner diameter (mm)





Length (cm)





Weight (kg)





Savings in oil & Co2-eq

2 l/3,2kg

4,25 l/6,4 kg

7,65 l/10 kg

11,2 l/16,8 kg

Pcs per pallet






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