To make sure the cables are protected to 100% at all times the Snap Split Pipes™ system offers accessories to change diameter of the pipe, connect with corrugated pipes or enabling bigger bends. To our submarine cable split pipe protection we have designed the Snap Weight™ system, more information about our split pipe accessories here below.

Snap Multibox makes it possible to change pipe diameter or to enable T- & Y-joints.
Installation instructions for Snap Multibox.

Snap Multibox™

Snap Multibox™ is a product design to solve all sorts of possible joint situations with connectable diameters from 40-220 mm. When using the Snap Multibox™ the cables are protected at all time without any weak spots.

Snap Multibox™ is compatible with Snap Hardlock™, Snap Quicklock™ and Snap Panzar™.

Snap Multibox™ was developed to be able to met a customer’s requriements before signing a sinificant order. Do you have uniqe requriments for split pipe accessories? Let us know and we’ll develop a suitable solution. 


Outer diameter (mm) 660
Hight (mm) 300
Weight (kg) 4,85
Connectable diameter 40 – 220 mm
Pcs per pallet 25
Example of how to use Snap Multibox along a railway. The cables is able to do a 45 and 90 degrees turn.
Snap Panzar installed with the Snap Weight system.

Snap Weight

Our weight system ensure that your sea cables protection maintain its position. Easy to mount with included straps. Compatible with Snap Panzar.

Snap Weights (kg) 12 18
Outer diameter (mm) 110 110
Length (cm) 60 90

Snap Connector™ 

Our solution to connect whole pipes with split pipes.


Inner diameter (mm)



Length (mm)



Weight (kg)



Pcs per box



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