All Snap Split Pipes™ products are made of recycled plastic

The environmental impact savings between producing products of recycled plastic and virgin plastic are huge. We had a third party, Swerea IVF (now known as RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden), review the environmental savings using recycled plastic compared with using virgin material producing our products. They found out that for instance Snap Hardlock™ is produced with 80% less environmental impact when recycled plastic is used compared to producing similar products with virgin materials. 

Additional, Snap Split Pipes™ could be reused several times after a project. Collect and use the same pipes at your next project.


Calculate the environmental impact savings using products from Snap Split Pipes™.

This calculator is a tool for you to present the positive environmental savings using Snap Split Pipes™ products made of recycled plastic compared to products of virgin materials. 

Now days clients have more focus on sustainability and environment, use this tool to generate a .pdf with your environmental savings data to present in a tender, for your costumers or at your homepage. Calculate the environmental impact savings for your next project now!

Product Quantity
{{ }} {{ }} {{ product.unit }}
Saving CO2e {{ co2Savings | number }} kg
Saving crude oil {{ oilSavings | number }} liters
Saving PET bottles {{ petSavings | number }} pcs
Support and Sponsorship {{ supportSavings | number }} EUR
The environmental calculator was developed in collaboration with Swerea IVF
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