Together towards a sustainable environment

People around the world are convinced that we need to think more about the environment. We cannot continue to use and consume natural resources like we do today, year after year. To produce split pipes of recycled plastic instead of new raw material makes a difference, a big difference. At Greenpipe of Sweden, the company behind Snap Split Pipes™, we produce millions of meters split pipes. Every pipe weigh between 1 to 7 kilos. Therefor we asked a third party, RISE (Research Institute of Sweden), to review our production and the environmental saving from using recycled plastic. The review showed that the environmental saving was 80% compared to producing our products from new raw material.

Since the production began in 2001 we have developed our products to provide our customers with world class split pipes cable protection. Successively we have been able to lower our production costs due to more effective methods. The product family has grown with both new products and new dimensions. We are proud to offer one of the widest line of split pipes around the world with fast deliveries due to a large stock.

We strive to further develop our products within the Snap Split Pipes™ family even more and in close cooperation with colleges in the line of business both in and around Europe. We will constantly continue to develop the Snap Split Pipes™ system.

The split pipe production is most often just a small part of big plastic pipe producer’s production, this leads to high costs to develop their own split pipes systems. That’s where Snap Split Pipes™ makes a difference. We believe that you should do what you are passionate about, and we always strive to develop new products and more efficient solutions within the split pipe sector.

We keep our margins down because we know that the price is important to our clients. Since the start of our company in the beginning of the 21st century, we have fine-tuned every detail of our production to be able to offer our clients a high-quality cable protection system to a low cost.

We are confident that we need to cooperate more around the world. Instead of competing for the market, we’d like to offer world class whole and split pipes in cooperation with local and selected partners. Solutions that both contributes to higher safety, better working environment and a more sustainable world. For us, but more important, for generations to come.

Stefan Svensson,
CEO Greenpipe of Sweden AB / Snap Split Pipes™


Together with market leading producers and clients we can make a difference.

Together for a reduced oil dependence!

There is a huge difference between producing products in recycled plastic compared to virgin material. Since we started our production in 2001 we have saved nearly 6 million litres of oil by using recycled plastic.

According to a study made by the independent third party, Swerea IVF (Olsson 2015), our products made from 100% recycled plastic will decrease the environmental impact with up to 80% compared to a product produced from virgin plastic.

Greenpipe of Sweden’s production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environment). The products are tested for polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) according to EU 1272/2013. None of the 8 PAHs could be detected in our material. Furthermore, our products are continuously tested according to EN ISO 9969:2016 (ring stiffness) and EN 61386-24 (impact resistance).


1974       Lars-Göran Svensson, founder of Greenpipe, started his electrical engineer education.

1981       The need of a new improved split duct is identified of Lars-Göran Svensson.

1981-1998 The product design is developed and improved during these years. Family life and a career at E.on delayed the launch of the Snap Split Pipes™ products.

1998      The company “Småländska återvinningsprodukter” was founded by Lars-Göran Svensson.

2000      Winner of ”Plastkretsens” national price of 100 000 SEK and a study to Japan.

2001      Snap Hardlock™ 110 mm is developed and released to the market. Winner of “Skapa”-price* in Kronoberg’s county. Winner of a price for good working environment products.

2005       The company changes name to “Snap Products of Sweden AB” and changes company structure. A great storm hits Sweden, “Gudrun”, which results in great increased sales of Snap Hardlock™ since the product meets the quality requirements of temporary placement above ground. First export sales to Norway and Germany. Total sales this year was about 40 000 pieces.

2006      Snap Hardlock™ 160 mm is developed and released to the market.

2007      Total sale this year was about 96 000 pieces.

2009      Snap Hardlock™ 60 is developed and released to the market.

2010      Total sale of 30 million SEK since production began is passed.

2012       First delivery to Austria.

2013       To this year the company’s greatest export order of 19 000 meters Snap Hardlock™ is delivered to a railway project in Holland. Snap Hardlock™ 220 mm is developed in cooperation with Pion Kunststoffen GmbH and is released to the market.

2014       A generation change in the company, founder Lars-Göran Svensson’s sons Stefan and Anders Svensson takes over the management of the company. The company changes name to “Greenpipe of Sweden AB”.

2014       Snap Panzar™ 160 mm is developed in cooperation with WPD Offshore Wind and submarine cable entrepreneurs and is released to the market.

2015       First order is delivered to the Baltic countries.

2016       Snap Panzar™ 110 mm is developed and released to the market.

2017       The production site is expanded.

2018       Snap Quicklock™ 160 mm is developed and released to the market. Snap Multibox is developed in cooperation with Safetrack Baavhammar AB and is released to the market. The company is awarded “DI Gasell ”**. The company is awarded highest creditworthiness “AAA”***.

2019       The largest order to this date is delivered to a nuclear project in France, 25 000 meters. The company is awarded “Superföretag” by Veckans affärer****.  The company is awarded “Di Gasell”. The company is awarded “AAA” creditworthiness.

*”Skapa”-price: the greatest price in Sweden for innovations, with purpose to support inventors to improve their ideas.
**”DI Gasell”, price from the magazine “Dagens Industri”, based on several criteria e.g. net sales and operating profit.
***”AAA”: highest credit rating from Bisnode
****- “Superföretag” (“super company”), price from the magazine “Veckans affärer” for meeting high demands on growth, profitability and return on capital.


  • 2020 – Stock with over 30 000 pieces.  Develop Snap Quicklock™ 120 mm and Snap Panzar™ 70 mm and introduce them to the market.
  • 2022 – Become climate positive according to ISO14021. Stock with over 100 000 pieces to provide a great part of the world with fast deliveries. Keep the widest range of products and have the highest turn-over within the line of business.  To always be the first-hand choice of partner within the cable conduit line of business. To continue always give quick support, deliveries on time and products with the right quality.



Greenpipe of Sweden is not driven by reaching the highest turn-over or profitability, but these factors are of course given to run and develop a successful company. Instead we are dedicated to contributing to voluntary causes, people in need of help and to reduce the dependence of crude oil.

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