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For more than 15 years we have been designing and producing split pipes and sold them to clients caring for the environment all over Europe.

SnapSplitPipes™ is a reliable cable protection system that will protect its content to 100%.
The products are produced from 100% recycled plastic that come from the automotive industry. By choosing our products our clients contribute to a more sustainable use of resources when developing new and improving old infrastructure.

Thanks to the use of recycled plastic the use of our products will save millions of liters of oil each year, thanks to our clients caring for the environment preferring our products. Our products have been tested at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden to make sure that they meet the high demands of our customers.

In the same way as we are specialized in producing split pipes, there are manufacturers specialized in whole pipes. We look upon them as partners and not competitors. We believe that the best way forward is by building strong relationships and to cooperate.

Our ambition is that or products will be of such high quality that no one will be harmed using our cable protection pipes be it the people installing our products or third-party persons. We perform continuous inspections of our production to make sure it lives up to our high demands, and our product design will prevent unprotected areas to arise preventing damage.

We keep our margins down, since we know that the price is important to our clients. Since the start of our company in the beginning of the 21th century, we´ve fine-tuned every detail of our production to be able to offer our clients a high-quality pipe protection system to a low cost.
Together with market leading producers and clients we can make a difference.

Together for a reduced oil dependence!

There is a huge difference between producing products in recycled plastic compared to virgin material. Since we started our production in 2001 we have saved nearly 6 million liters of oil by using recycled plastic.

According to a study made by the independent third party, Swerea IVF (Olsson 2015), our products made from 100% recycled plastic will decrease the environmental impact with up to 80% compared to a product produced from virgin plastic.

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